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Looking for friends and oppinions on my storys :)

1) Your name: Maria
2) Location: Frederick, MD
3) Age: 22
4) Job: Cook at T.G.I. Fridays
5) Horoscope sign: Virgo
6) Eye color: blueish~green
7) Original hair color: Dirty blonde
8) Current hair color: Dirty blonde
9) Smoker: No

10) Favorite food: Panini "panini is just a sandwhich being melted by a machine to call it a panini :) " pasta, really gressy fried food and lots lots more :)
11) Favorite ice cream flavor: strawberry
12) Favorite drink or beverage: v8~fruit coke
13) Favorite restaurant: i dont like eating out i perfer to cook...im a picky eater
14) Favorite color: Purple
15) Favorite actor: ahhh....i dont have a fav. acter i just watch stuff
16) Favorite actress: ...what i just said ^
17) Favorite TV Show: i dont have a fav i just watch stuff :)
18) Favorite Movie: right now my fav. movie is alien vs cowboys
19) Favorite song: i dont have a fav. yet i like all of the newest music lol
20) Favorite musician or group: Disturbed
21) Favorite animal: SHEEP!!
22) Favorite subject: ...i droped out of high school when i was 17 sssooo >.>
23) What are you listening to right now: nothing
24) Day or Night? night
25) Summer or winter? summer
26) Beatles or Elvis? I like them both
27) What brings you the most joy: daydreaming :)
28) What’s your greatest fear: ghost O.o?!
29) Who/where do you go to for advice: advice section of vampirefreaks.com...when i need advice my problems are usually out of my friends and familys know how range so i have to ask people online and i like using vampirefreaks as a place i can run to for advice :)
30) One word that describes you best: quick learner :)

Bonus Questions:

Who am I looking for: anyone who would enjoy my storys I WANT TO KNOW IF MY STORYS ARE COOL OR NOT :<....they are from daydreams i have >.>
Do I like to chat? Yes
Do I have YIM? nah
Do you have AIM? nah
Do you rewrite back to e-pals? e-pals O.o?!
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